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Freelance Web Designer & WordPress Developer

Hi, I’m Gareth – A Freelance Web Designer & Wordpress Developer. I have been creating websites with Wordpress since 2012.

Interested in discussing a project? Please touch base below, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Prologue: becoming a Web Designer

I have been working in the web design sector now for over 10 years. Starting out back when Dreamweaver was still popular and tables ruled the roost. It’s been a wild ride watching the technology grow, splinter, grow again and birth completely new sub sectors. Arming yourself with new tech to produce more outstanding websites has always been a very rewarding pursuit – This truly is the industry that is forever changing and evolving, mastery is a goal consistently being chased by all who take up the mantle of being a web designer or web developer.

I love it though, the feedback for having your work appreciated and used by clients is very rewarding and pushes you to deliver new and innovative products each and every time. Solving particular problems and providing clients with the tools and knowledge to better their business and emark on their own journey is one of my absolute favourite things.

The years have brought me experience in the many facets of this industry. From traditional Bespoke Web Design, to WordPress Development and E-Commerce Integrations. I have researched, implemented and gained vast experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Managed Hosting Solutions, Website Security & Optimisation, Payement Solutions and many more through the projects I have worked on. You can view a complete list of skill sets over on Linkedin if you wish.

The one thing I learned very early on is that you are never finished learning in this industry. It is ever evolving and constantly changing. There will always be something on the horizon, always a new language, tech, framework or platform to consider.

At present I am open to new oppertunities, the journey continues and the path ever long – I look forward to seeing what the future brings in this space, with the advent of AI I believe we will start to see great quality of life strides within the tech sector, making the web even more accessible – which is a great thing.